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Integrative Psychiatry

Integrative psychiatry treats more than just a mental health condition and its symptoms — it improves your overall daily life and well-being. Dr. Brittany Wilson, DNP, PMHNP-BC, at Insight Psychiatry offers unique integrative psychiatry to patients aged 13 and older in Orange Park, Florida and surrounding counties. This type of holistic care combines traditional and alternative techniques to address particular mental health concerns and focus on your unique needs. Schedule an appointment online today to learn more.

What is integrative psychiatry?

Integrative psychiatry is a holistic, patient-focused approach to mental health and wellness.

It blends conventional psychiatric methods (psychotherapy and medication) with alternative techniques like lifestyle support and empowering tools that encourage self-reliance. 

Integrative psychiatry promotes the balance of your mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health and social functioning. It aims to treat a particular condition and significantly improve your overall wellness. 

Insight Psychiatry focuses on strengthening your natural healing capacities and tailoring treatments to your individual preferences. 

Is integrative psychiatry right for me?

All ages can benefit from integrative psychiatry, especially if you’re: 

  • Struggling with a mental health concern or condition 
  • Unsatisfied with strictly conventional psychiatric care
  • Interested in a holistic approach
  • Looking for personalized, collaborative treatment plans 
  • Interested in developing self-awareness and self-development 

Brittany is passionate about providing skilled services and also empowering you to improve your own well-being. 

What does integrative psychiatry include?

Before developing a holistic treatment plan, the practice offers a comprehensive diagnostic assessment that helps the team understand your medical history, symptoms, concerns, and unique needs. 



Therapy sessions treat more than just your specific condition; they aim to achieve mental health and wellness in multiple areas of your life. 

Therapy can help you understand particular triggers that worsen your condition. Your provider helps you then create new, healthy behavior and thought patterns. 

Consistent in-person or telehealth sessions can be useful in preventing future mental health challenges, restoring healthy relationships, and improving your day-to-day. Ever felt rushed out of a provider's office? A fifteen minute follow up appointment does not exist at Inisght Psychiatry. Each individual gets a full thirty minute follow up to integrate psychotherapy and lifestyle support into your appointment. 



Your provider can prescribe traditional psychiatric medications and also suggest complementary vitamins and supplements. They can monitor your medications over time and ensure they’re working effectively for you.



Your provider can offer helpful guidance to revitalize your diet, exercise routine, and daily habits. A healthy lifestyle can greatly improve your energy levels, mood, and cognitive function. 



Stress management techniques like breathing exercises and meditation can improve self-reliance and help you feel calm and in control. Your provider may recommend bodywork, massages, or improved sleep habits to help you feel refreshed and energized. 

Your provider may also recommend seeking out local support groups or a specialized modality of therapy if they determine you will benefit most from those options.  



Interested in this approach? Book an appointment online today.